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5 Tips for Giving a Great Toast

What do a wedding, a baby shower, a graduation, a promotion, and a product launch have in common? – The dreaded toast. So, how do you give the perfect toast and overcome some of the fear? By making sure you follow proper toast etiquette.

Here are 5 rules for proper etiquette in giving a toast:

Host must toast

If you are the host of an event it is customary to give a speech before the event begins. The host proposes a toast, often welcoming the group, at the beginning of the meal.

Intro. Middle. Conclusion.

Make sure to apply the same principles of writing any good speech. You need a logical flow with a strong attention-getting beginning, important points in the middle, and a great finale. Make bullet points to get you through.

Keep it brief

Keep the toast short. If you are the only person making a toast, then it is ok to speak a bit longer, but keep in mind if dinner is awaiting people on plates in front of them, show mercy and speak briefly. Also, by keeping it short you have less time to let your fears get the best of you so it benefits both you and the crowd.

Humour them gently

Use humour if you can, but avoid sarcasm. A toast is a feel-good message. A toast is meant to honour the person or group, not embarrass them. It‘s also not your chance to let a bunch of people know how funny you are. Toasts should be polite, personal, simple, and sincere.

It’s not about you

Don’t toast yourself. Don’t make the toast about you. Again, a toast is meant to celebrate and honour others.

If you keep to these 5 rules then you will surely be on your way to a successful proper toast at your next big event!