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Chat Series: Heather Fritz

We are starting a new blog series where we chat to people who are involved in the event industry, business in Saskatoon, or who we think are just inspiring people to talk to.

I couldn’t think of anyone better to start this series off than Heather Fritz. You may know Heather from her super successful photography business (Heather Fritz Photography), and most recently her start in real estate (Boyes Group Realty). -Molly

Molly: You are so established in the Saskatoon Community, but you’ve only been here for 6 years. When you moved to Saskatoon, how did you get your business established and start getting clients?

Heather: I started with one client, served them well and they told their family and friends. THE best thing about business in Saskatoon is that when you deliver, people talk! There are very few degrees of separation in Saskatoon and that worked very well for me.

Molly: What made you want to start in the real estate industry with a full-time successful photography business?

Heather: I have a strong background in corporate sales and in the past couple of years I kept feeling the draw back towards a career in sales. Conversely I felt that growing my photography business any larger than it was would mean I wouldn’t be able to serve the clients I have very well. Residential real estate allows me to work in what I believe should be a VERY client-focused sales field. It marries my passion for the deal and my commitment to a relationship based career.

Molly: You are a busy lady with two kids and a husband who travels. How do you manage it all?

Heather: I’ve learned to ask for help. We have very little family in Saskatoon but we have an amazing network of friends and even colleagues that help us through the busiest parts of our schedules. I’ve also made being highly-organized a priority. I’m not a fan of wasted time.

Molly: Firing line! What is your favourite Saskatoon….

Coffee Shop: City Perk

Restaurant: Ever-changing! Right now The Odd Couple and Ayden

Date night: we are away from home and out of the house so much that a walk by the river or a bowl of brown butter popcorn in front of a movie feels likes heaven these days

Clothing store: Era Style Loft

Molly: If you could offer any advice to women business owners, what would it be?

Heather: Be sure to lift each other up and never apologize for what is important to you whether it be your kids or your career.

Heather Fritz-38