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Holiday Table Ideas

This is our last (but definitely not least) batch of tablescape shots from our spring shoot with MJ&Co. This elegant black and gold design is perfect for your tables over the holidays. Don’t you love the bow tie napkins??

The process to get a photo shoot like this underway is probably my favourite part. I usually do about 2 shoots like this a year because it lets me be totally creative, work with some of my favourite vendors and express to my clients and future clients what design concepts I can come up with. It also lets the vendors involved be creative and they can highlight products or concepts they’ve been dying to try! The process all starts with some inspiration and then a whole concept comes from there. I usually come up with a few concept photos and then my fabulous associate Kristen and I brainstorm and she sources photos with a similar feel and concept. An inspiration board is made and then I see what I can actually, realistically obtain here in Saskatoon to ensure that clients can get the items they see in my photo shoots for their event or wedding. I let the vendors involved see my inspiration board and what I’d like them to provide and then the shoot comes together!

I love working with Matt because I think he is more of a perfectionist than me! We spent about 6 hours doing the 5 photo shoots. He had to get the lighting and angles perfectly right. Sometimes I’d try to hurry him up (remember- I had my 4 month old strapped to me!) but I know you can’t rush the creative process.

I’d love to hear what you think!


Photography: MJ&Co
Design & Planning: Lux Events
Flowers: Blossoms Living
Stationary: Nellia Designs
Cakes: W&W Weddings
Rentals: Handy Special Events