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Team Building Events

Team building events are great tools to engage employees, have people work together that don’t normally get the chance to within the company on a day-to-day basis, build relationships between your staff members and just let loose and have a great time!

Team building events can be tricky to plan though, especially if you want your entire team to be involved. Not only do you want staff to have a great time, but the purpose of these events is to have them truly work together towards a common goal while getting to know one another better.

At Lux Events, we love a good team building event! These events are so much fun to create, build and customize for companies but the best part is watching how competitive people are!

We’ve had the pleasure of customizing many different team building events for different companies in Saskatchewan, from The Amazing Race to Mission Impossible, Murder Mystery to Competitive Lawn Games and everything in between. You name it, our team can make it happen! There’s nothing like a little competition to bond a group together.

Our most recent event for a group from PotashCorp was based off the popular reality TV show, The Amazing Race. Groups of 3 had the afternoon to complete a number of tasks in order to make it to the finish line where they where the winning team was awarded with bragging rights and the entire group enjoyed dinner & drinks together. Groups had to work together very closely to complete each task before obtaining their next set of instructions and competition was fierce!

Whether you have an idea for a certain team building event that you would like help executing or you have no idea where to begin in setting up an event for your organization, Lux Events would love to work with you to help pull together an amazing event that staff will be talking about for a long time after!

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